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Dr James O Connor

What constitutes psychological health?

Towards a definition of what constitutes psychological health: Freud’s love and vocation hypothesis.

How people perceive themselves and are perceived by others reciprocally within their developmental experience – with all its extended ramifications i.e. say immediate family and extended family for example, plus all manner of ancillary friendships and acquaintanceships. Who would care for them and for whom would they care i.e. look out for significantly.

In developmental terms then how people advance socially in - and ex familia. How they regarded then, and now regard others as well as how they themselves were and are now regarded throughout their developmental experience both within and without their foundation structures as friendships and relationships waxed and waned and otherwise developed to a greater or lesser degree.

Whether relationships are few or many - close or casual. Whether there are relationships extant and developed intimately i.e. partnerships, marriages, espousals of various kinds, with or without attendant families and children. Relationships in all their attendant variety as in traditional or alternative, perhaps more recent modern societal portrayals as traditions fracture. Where people have come from in this regard, where they are situated now and where they are going.

Whether choices are evident, available or indeed attainable and in whatever format. Perfection also is a misnomer within these proceedings, being by definition not a consideration. But the best possible approximation i.e. how good can it get - generally represents a useful yardstick and a valid workable alternative.

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